Sunday, February 23, 2014


'Hunkey' is a name of a very Hungry Monkey. It needs to be fed (a lot!). The more you feed it, the more bigger it gets. Your job is to feed it with bananas and save it from the bombs. A number of powers will come in your way, they might help you or make your task even harder. So, Best of Luck with it!

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Remember the Superheroes

Does your brain still work efficiently enough when you come across your favourite superhero characters? Can you keep track of the sequence they appear to you or you loose control over yourself and start dreaming about their awesome powers or looks or how they saved the world from the alien invasion? Lets find out how much of a superhero nerd you think you are.

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“HighwayRun” is a 2D arcade racing game. Your car is moving in the opposite direction on a busy highway. Your job is to avoid the accidents and earn maximum points. The movement of the car depends on the tilt of the device.Game features include:
- Car selection

- Tilt sensitivity selection

- Difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard)

- PowerUps (invisibility, explosion, life)

- Eye candy graphics
- Interactive background music and sound - Nitrous. And much more fun…

Download link: Googleplay

 Download link: Slideme